The Benefits of Responsive Website Design

The Benefits of Responsive Website Design

responsive website designResponsive website design is a method of coding websites so that it recognizes the device that accesses it and delivers the appropriate output. In other words, regardless of whether you view a website on a desktop with an over-sized monitor, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, the website will both look good and function properly.

The main benefit is that rather than needing to design multiple sites for different-sized devices, responsive design allows the developer to create one site, but specifies how it should appear on each device. Other benefits of responsive web design include the following:

Increased Conversions

There are more than 100 million tablet users, and another 200 million or so smartphone users in the United States. That’s a lot of people browsing the internet and searching for businesses on devices other than desktops and laptops. If your website is hard to read, breaks up, or fails to load on those devices, those users will leave your site. Having your site function properly on any device will keep them on your site, thereby increasing the possibility of them becoming customers.

Save Money

When you pay to have your website designed and developed using responsive design, you only pay once. Otherwise, you’ll pay to have your main site, and then pay again for a mobile version. You will likely spend much more when you need to make changes to your site, as well.

Longer Time Until You’ll Need to Update

Responsive web design is clearly the future of best internet practices. Since the concept is still in its infancy stages, having a responsive site today will mean that it will remain up to date and relevant for a much longer period of time.

CFG Media can build create a website for you using responsive design. To see an example of an ecommerce responsive website we recently built, visit: Make sure you look at the site on different devices or screen sizes so you can understand how it works. (Our site is also responsive.)

*The cost of a website built with responsive design will vary depending upon the scope of the project. To get a free consultation and price quote for your site, call us at (816) 506-2107.

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  • With more people using hand-held devices than desktops now, your site better look good and function properly on all size screens…particularly mobile phones.

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