October 18, 2016

Ecommerce Website Design Examples from CFG Media

Whether you want to start selling products online, or are currently trying to sell but lacking the results you had hoped for, we can help!  Below are a few example of ecommerce websites we’ve built using various platforms and shopping carts.  For each one, we will explain some of the good and not so good qualities of each platform at cart option.  If you have questions, want to discuss your ecommerce project with one of our pros, please contact us using the form on the right side of this page.

Biker’s RX – WordPress and WooCommerce

Wordpress and WooCommerceBiker’s RX was an existing ecommerce site that wasn’t generating many sales.  The old site was slow, dated looking, difficult to navigate, and had a difficult checkout process.  When they came to us, they needed a redesign that would help them generate sales, but they didn’t have a large budget to work with.  We were able to build the site on a very conservative budget by using an existing WordPress theme and the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin.

The biggest advantage to the WordPress and WooCommerce combination is low start up costs.  The biggest down side is the platform has very bulky code that can easily slow your site down to a point that you lose both customers and search engine rankings.  If you do choose this platform for your site, it’s critically important that you use high quality hosting that is designed for WordPress sites, such WP Engine.  If you use a cheap, shared hosting package, your results will suffer.

The other drawback of WordPress to consider is that your site will be a serious target for hackers.  WordPress is open source code that can be exploited.  Make sure if you’re going to use this platform, you hire a design and development team, such as CFG Media, who knows how to optimize WordPress websites for both speed and security.

Logo It For Less! – Shopify

eCommerceLogo It For Less! was a startup website build for us.  The business was moving into an online space that was already crowded with a lot of well-established, very successful ecommerce websites.  Being able to compete in this space wasn’t going to be easy.

In order to maximize their ability to compete and growth within this large market, we decided to use a minimalist website design that highlighted the company’s low pricing structure, and build the site on Shopify’s ecommerce platform.  Shopify is a hosted platform that provides the benefits of high speed hosting, a streamlined checkout process, high levels of security, apps that provide just about any product option or marketing tool you may need, and most importantly, the ability to easily scale the business.

The downsides to Shopify are high levels of customization require a lot of coding work, and can get expensive.  The other downside is each app you get to add a new functionality to your site will cost you a monthly fee.  Over time, and as your business grows, so will these fees.

If you have a small business that you envision growing into a large ecommerce concern, Shopify is a great platform to use.  No matter how big you get, you’ll never outgrow them.

Imprinted Beach Towels – BigCommerce

Buy OnlineImprinted Beach Towels is in a very specific niche and isn’t going to grow to a lot of products for sale, and certainly won’t be the next Amazon.  You can make a lot of money with niche ecommerce sites like this one, however, keeping costs in check will be important.  This is why we chose to build the site on the BigCommerce platform.  Like Shopify, BigCommerce is a hosted solution that offers a lot of bells and whistles that if you built yourself would cost a lot of money.

We recommend BigCommerce for niche businesses and others that won’t end up with hundreds or thousands of products on the website.  BigCommerce has everything you need to have a website that looks and functions like one that a business spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on…but it can be done at a very small fraction of the price.  You will get a very professional looking and functioning website and still have plenty of money to market your business.

Graveside Flowers – Shopify

Successful eCommerce BusinessGraveside Flowers is a unique situation in that we not only designed the website, but we run the entire business, including marketing, customer service, order fulfillment, and operations.  confident in our abilities to take a brand new ecommerce business and make it a highly profitable venture, we accepted a partnership in which we get paid only on the profitability of the business.  If it doesn’t make money…we don’t either!

There are plenty of website design and marketing firms out there claiming to be ecommerce experts, but CFG Media goes beyond simply talking the talk…we make money for ourselves by doing the same things we can do to make money for you!

If your goal is to own a successful, profitable ecommerce business, we can help you get there.  Use the contact form in the right hand side bar to tell us about your project.  We’ll follow up with you and lay out a plan that fits your budget.