Why Your Website Isn’t Producing Results

It can be extremely frustrating if you spent a lot of time and money creating your website, and it isn’t producing the results you expected. The reasons for this usually boil down to two main categories. You don’t have enough targeted visitors, and your visitors aren’t taking your desired action.

There are a lot of sub-categories under these two, with many nuances to each. However, these two should be the starting points for creating the framework of a successful website.

You Don’t Have Enough Targeted Visitors

One of the things we hear a lot from our customers is, “I need more traffic”. Actually, what you need is more targeted traffic. Traffic that isn’t interested in your site will never take the action you want them to. Additionally, untargeted traffic can lead to a high bounce rate (people leaving your site right away) which had a negative effect on your Google rankings…which creates a downward spiral.

Here are a few things to focus on when trying to generate more targeted visitors:

website isn't producing resultsYour Site Isn’t Optimized for Search Engines

If your site isn’t coded and developed with search engine optimization in mind, your site will struggle to rank well in the major search engines. Unfortunately, there are a lot of designers who make beautiful websites, but don’t lay a proper SEO foundation in the process.

The good news is many of the changes necessary to optimize your site can be done retroactively, and without changing the look of your site in any way. Having a solid SEO foundation in place is critical to everything else you do to improve and maximize your site’s value to your organization.

You SEO Isn’t Targeting the Right Terms

Targeting the right terms for your SEO efforts isn’t just about picking the most popular search terms related to your market, or guessing at what people may be searching for to find you.

You need to do research not only on what people are searching for, but also how much competition each term has. You also need to find what terms your main competitors are targeting and ranking for, and most importantly, the context in which the search terms are being used.

In order to be successful, your site needs to solve a problem, answer a question, or fulfill a need for your readers. You should keep these needs in mind when looking for key phrases your potential users would use. It also helps to remember that search engines now function more as an answer engine than a search engine.

Also keep in mind user intent. Use terms, such as buying terms, that visitors would be using prior to taking your desired action. If you want people to buy a product, having search terms that someone would only use to look for info, not necessarily to buy your product, will create a lot of visitors bouncing off your site without taking action.

Your Website is Too Slow to Load

The patience level of internet users today is extremely low. If your site is slow, you will lose a high percentage of visitors right away, and it won’t matter how great the rest of your site is. This has become especially important with so many people using the web on mobile devices. Even the fastest mobile networks are slow compared to wired, high speed internet services.

Your site may load great on your desktop, but if the speed doesn’t translate to mobile devices, your results will suffer. A great way to test your speed on both is to run your domain through GTmetrix.com. The service is free, and not only will it tell you if your speed is up to snuff, but it will also give you actionable items that you can use to enhance both the speed and user experience of your site.

Need information about how to speed up your site? Here is a great article about how to speed up your WordPress based website:  22 Tips To Speed Up WordPress Site Performance

Your Website Isn’t Responsive to Different Size Devices

In this day and age, for a website to be at all successful, it has to be easy to use on any size screen, whether it be a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Responsive website design ensures readability and usability regardless of the user’s device.

If your site isn’t responsive at this time, you may need to a complete redesign of your site to make it responsive. Depending upon the size and type of your site, that process could get expensive. However, if you contact us, we can show how to do it in the most economical way possible.

improve your websiteYour Visitors Aren’t Taking Your Desired Action

If you’re getting a lot of targeted traffic, but still aren’t getting many visitors to take action, your results will still be disappointing. If you are experiencing a low conversion rate, there are several things to consider as causes, including:

There Aren’t Clear Calls to Action

It may seem intuitive that in order to have a user take action, there needs to be a clear call for them to do so. Many websites do have calls to action, but they aren’t as clear as the designer may believe.

If you have the ability to use eye tracking, or heat map software, this can help you answer questions quickly about whether or not visitors are finding your call to action. However, for most website owners, it can be cheaper and easier to ask friends, family, or associates to look at the site and give you their thoughts.

Often times the data collected isn’t at all what you expected. Of course, once you have the data, you need to make necessary changes and re-test. A/B split testing can help speed this process along.

There Isn’t Appropriate Motivation for a User to Take Action

If your calls to action are clear and intuitive to users, but your conversion rate is still not at a desirable level, the problem is likely to be that you haven’t sufficiently motivated your users to take action. You should think of your website like a store. You want people to come in, quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, and then provide them with a valuable solution to their problem. Sometimes this motivation can come from great sales verbiage, low prices, special discounts, time constraints, or other motivators.

This is another area where A/B split testing can prove to be invaluable. Split testing will allow you to test various motivators with the same calls to action to see where the top conversion rates lie.

Don’t Wait to Create Your Own Results!

This may seem like a lot to do, particularly if you’re operating on a limited marketing budget. However, everything discussed here is a part of a process. The key is to start the process as soon as possible.

Regardless of your budget, you can go all the way through the optimization process. Having more money just shortens the time frame necessary to complete all the tasks.

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It can be extremely frustrating if you spent a lot of time and money creating your website, and it isn't producing the results you expected. The reasons for this usually boil down to two main categories. You don’t have enough targeted visitors, and your visitors aren’t taking your desired action.
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